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If required we can install a reusable Deck / soffit which leaves a required clear void. Our system eliminates the need for an expensive void former - such as polystyrene. The sides are shuttered, back filling eliminates the need for polystyrene, on internal and external beam faces, and no polythene is required. Other savings are that the sides are true and there is no concrete wastage - the clear void formed. Engineers say a clear void of 120mm is as effective as a polystyrene void former at 250mm, so less excavation is required.

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Our removable, re-useable void former and a typical section is shown below. The clear benefits are:
  • Savings are made by eliminating polystyrene void formers to underside and sides of beam.
  • Polythene grout stop sheeting is not required.
  • Less depth of dig out is required
  • As used in conjunction with our formwork, side of beam panels, sides are true reducing clay heave.
  • This design is backed by local authorities, the NHBC and structural engineers.
  • As its within traditional formwork panels, roots and earth are excluded.
  • This practice creates a clean and correct construction with true vertical sides as your drawing details.
  • We believe this is probably the best system available

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